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On Local Circular Growth: Strengthening Local Value Chains

Frank van Steenbergen and Rommert Schram October 21, 2020 In many poor rural areas, there is no scope to operate in the world market: no scope to compete with China for consumer items, no scope to outbid India’s strength in things like software development, no scope to conquer a niche in the global food industry. In addition, the national economy may have limited scope to absorb quality rural produce. Moreover, it is hard for rural producers to access such urban markets as they are faced with thickets of inconsiderate middlemen.  Instead of focusing on global opportunities, the main avenue of improvement is in strengthening the local economy – to create more jobs and better livelihoods with what goes around in villages and local districts. At present the local circulation of goods and services is far from optimal. Not much value is added to agriculture, the main producing sector, either in the form of providing inputs or processing products locally. For… Continued

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