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The road map for Asset Management tools development

The user-centered approach for tools’ development by Aldo Zamarroni Peralta and Judith de Bruijne, Practica Foundation July 29, 2021 Under the flag of the WASH Alliance International, Practica Foundation has started a limited 2-weekly blog series on Asset Management of small-scale water systems. This is the fourth is the series. In the last blog post, the Asset Management tools under development by the WASH Alliance International were presented. Previous experiences demonstrated that including user-centered approaches is key to increase the impact of project activities. The main activities for this project include a needs’ assessment, user story mapping, tool design, field testing promotion and the roll out of the tools. Aditi Goyal, the e-learning development coordinator at Smart-tech, a Nepalese tech company, refers to this project as a continuous iterative process. “The are many ways to get to the same place. The important thing here is to get where users take us” She is referring to the features, usability and adaptability… Continued

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