Pure Joy: Pidari Village Celebrates New Clean Water Access with Overhead Tank Inauguration

by Rewati Raman Dhakal, Bagmati Welfare Society Nepal BWSN

Overhead Tank of Pidari Drinking Water Project in Pidari, Sarlahi, Nepal

Pidari Village in Sarlahi District, Nepal, recently celebrated a significant achievement with the inauguration of a new overhead water tank, a vital component of the Pidari Drinking Water Project. This tank, which reaches a depth of 168 meters and holds 200 cubic meters of water, is designed to supply the community with clean drinking water.

Led by Bagmati Welfare Society Nepal (BWSN), the project was inaugurated by the Minister for Energy, Irrigation, and Drinking Water, Ms. Bechi Lungeli of Madhesh Province. Shivanath Sah, Chairperson of the Drinking Water Users’ Committee, stated that the project, which cost NRS 4,34,52,273 (approximately USD 326,715), was a collaborative effort involving the provincial government, Oxfam, BWSN, and the local community.

Commencing in 2018, the water supply project has now reached completion, and households have started receiving clean drinking water. The project benefits a total of 866 households, directly benefiting 2,524 males and 2,634 females. Additionally, approximately 1,300 individuals benefit indirectly on a daily basis, including school students and users of local public offices such as health posts, local markets, and offices of local bodies.

According to Bharat Karki, former President of BWSN, the project was handed over to the local consumer committee on June 15, 2024. Karki added that this water project also includes advanced equipment to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the water for the villagers.

The project has had a transformative impact on the local community, significantly improving access to safe drinking water. In communities where clean water access has long been a challenge, this project has eased many daily hardships, particularly for women. Kabita Yadav, a 47-year-old resident, shared her happiness: “Having a water tap at my home has added immense joy to my life. Now, I can spend more time with my children and focus on earning an income rather than fetching water.”

With clean water readily available at home, girls and women Pidari can devote their time to more productive pursuits, such as education and income-generating activities, enhancing their quality of life. Additionally, access to safe drinking water reduces the prevalence of waterborne diseases and lowers medical costs, contributing to a healthier community.

BWSN has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in mobilizing resources and developing Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) services through successful multi-stakeholder partnerships. Their collaboration with the Government of Nepal, development partners like Oxfam, and active public participation has been crucial to the project’s success.

Community members, Constituent Assembly members, and local leaders expressed their satisfaction and joy at the inauguration ceremony, emphasizing the project’s positive impact on their daily lives.

Looking ahead, BWSN plans to continue its efforts to improve water access and sanitation in other underprivileged areas of Nepal.

For more information about the activities of Bagmati Welfare Society Nepal, please visit (https://bwsn.org.np).

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July 11, 2024  
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