The Weight of the Soul, Measured in Water

posted by Frank van Steenbergen
July 9, 2012

We are always in search of the ‘essence.’ Even though we do not know what it looks like, we suspect it is somewhere inside us and that it is probably transparent and clear…

Here is an image from a church on an island in Ethiopia’s holy Lake Tana – also the headwater of the Blue Nile. It is related to the story of a cannibal that had eaten 77 people before he bettered his life dramatically by performing pious acts. For example, he dedicated himself to serving the sick by giving them water.  

Jesus and Mary kept tabs on his progress. As we see in this image, they measure the weight of his soul in terms of salt and water. The more the water, purer was his soul considered to be… and greater the chances of forgiveness.

Such is the ‘essence’… 

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July 10, 2012  
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