A New Vision for Europe’s Seas

Europe’s fish stocks are in danger: 3 out of 4 stocks are overfished, specifically 82% of Mediterranean stocks and 63% of Atlantic ones. As a direct consequence of this overfishing, there are fewer and fewer fish in the sea and many European fishing fleets are not profitable.

To cover this topic, this video illustrates the role of consumers and businesses in helping to return fish stocks to health.

– In Belgium, the chef at fish restaurant “La Mar√e” chooses her ingredients. She always offers her customers fish from sustainable stocks.

– In Spain, the SME Lonxanet Directo specialising in fresh fish, sources from a community of fishermen in Galicia with a long history of small-scale fishing.

– In France, supermarket chain Carrefour provides its customers certified sustainable frozen fish from the best suppliers as part of its growing sustainable frozen fish line.

“European consumers can encourage good fishing practices”

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Produced by: www.mostra.com
Year: 2011
Language: English, english subtitles

Region: Europe

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May 15, 2020  
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