An Oasis of Life

The site of Amman Imman’s borehole in the village of Tangarwashane has become an oasis of life. Once dry and barren, with nothing more than the tents of nomads who had lost their animals due to the ever lengthening drought, Tangarwashane now has a school, a food program, a reforestation project and adult education classes. Health, education and income is beginning to flourish. None of these opportunities would have been possible without the provision of water, now adequately supplied by the Amman Imman’s borehole. This is Amman Imman’s vision, that these permanent water structures be the catalyst for an Oasis of Life. And so it has come to be in Tangarwashane. Many more boreholes are needed to meet the needs of half a million people. You can help build more Oases of Life in the Azawak of West Africa.

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Produced by: Amman Imman
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May 15, 2020  
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