An organic manure factory for Rs. 800 only!

An innovative idea by a farmer in Chennimalai, Tamil Nadu lets farmers create their own liquid manure out of the cow dung and urine available in their own farms. In this video, Alagesan explains the procedure.

A 200 litre capacity plastic barrel and continuous supply of cow dung and urine (something most farmers have access to) – that’s all you need to set up a manure factory in your farm. Cow dung, urine, water and sugar (jaggery is usually used; cane sugar and palm fruit would do as well) mixture is allowed to ferment and settle for 24 hours. The resultant clear micro-nutrient rich solution is used to irrigate the fields.

There is no complicated filtration procedure involved and there are no extra costs!

Also in Ethiopia, MetaMeta is carrying out a project in organic fertilizer by using available residues like cow dung and rock dust to produce high valuable and low cost products to use by the farmers. For more info check this video.

More info: India Water Portal

Produced: India Water Portal

Year: 2013

Language: English

Region: India

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May 15, 2020  
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