Latrine Construction in Aguie, Niger

As part of the “Productive Sanitation in Aguie – Project” the local population in this dry southern district of Niger learnt how to construct and use a urine diverting toilet. Mr. Ian Caldwell, of the Stockholm Environment Institute, explains: “by keeping urine and faeces separate, the odour is reduced significantly. Also, urine is simple to make safe for¸ use as fertilizer on crops – it just needs to be stored in containers for a few months, or if used at a household-level, it can be applied directly to crops up until a few weeks before harvesting. Urine separation is a proven technology for low-cost dry toilets that can be built for very little money, on the order of 25-100USD plus labour”. The video from the “Productive Sanitation in Niger” film series learns you how to generate low-cost and safe fertilizer yourself as well.rom the “Productive Sanitation in Niger” film series.From the “Productive Sanitation in Niger” film series.W.a

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Produced by: IFAD, CREPA, SEI and PPILDA
Year: 2010
Language: Haussa

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May 15, 2020  
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