Caigua: Water Under Threat

This video was created by community members in the village of Caigua, North of Villamontes in Tarija Bolivia. The community group was supported by trainee facilitators from the Bolivian NGO NATIVA as part of a capacity building programme delivered by InsightShare on behalf of IUCN Netherlands.

Caigua: Water Under Threat focuses on the relationship between Caigua’s recently constructed dam and the effects of the extraction of oil from the wells which have been drilled within Caigua’s catchment. The video documents the large quanitity of sedimentation carried downstream to the reservoir and argues that this sediment is largely the result of the movement of vehicles which serve the oil wells. Participants and other community members discuss their concern for the future of the dam and emphasise the importance of the water supply for their livelihoods, demanding that something is done to stop the reservoir filling with sediment.

More info:
Produced by: InsightShare
Year: 2013
Language: Spanish, English subtitles
Region: Bolivia

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May 15, 2020  
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