Cleveland urban farm creates jobs for people with disabilities

Stanard Farm is an urban farm developed on the site of the former Stanard Elementary School at E.53rd and Stanard Street. The farm was created in collaboration with the OSU Extension Service, the St. ClairSuperior Development Corporation, Councilman Joe Cimperman and the city of Cleveland. OSU Extension staff will provide agricultural training and employment opportunities along with volunteers from its Master Gardeners program.

Master Gardeners will not only help in the classroom, but will spend the majority of their time side by side with participants, working at Stanard Farm. Planting will start after the last frost, around May 15, and growing will continue until the first frost some time in October. A priority will be placed on season extension, working toward a year-round business using a mix of techniques and equipment, such as indoor seedling cultivation and hoop houses and green houses.

This year’s planting will include “easy” crops, common vegetables that usually do well in Northeast Ohio like greens, tomatoes, beans, peas and peppers. And as experience and success build, the enterprise will add more unusual or specialized varieties, perhaps hops, fruit trees and bushes, herbs and ornamentals.

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