Documentary on Flash Floods (Rodh Kohi) Irrigation System in Pakistan

This documentary explains the destruction and displacement caused by the flood water. Villagers of the Rudh Kohi area explain that it causes financial, social and human losses. Standing crops are completely destroyed and flood water drains the stored grains and other food items. Besides this, some kids and adults also died because they drifted  away with the flood water. Now government and several organizations are working to improve the system and to distribute the Rudh Kohi water properly. There is a One Billion Project initiated in which concrete structures are being made.

Community reported that they know when the water comes, in how much quantity it comes and how it can be controlled. So they urge that local stakeholders should be taken in loop for the effective management of this water. A farmer reported that a few decades ago, they used to cultivate the lands, grow the crops by irrigating with this water and orchards were also fed from the rod kohi water.  Today however, they are unable to do this because the rules and regulations and system of Rodh Kohi water rights have been changed. So besides the development of physical infrastructure there is also the need to need to work on policy regulation.

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Produced by: PARAH
Language: Saraiki
Year: –
Region: Pakistan

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June 26, 2020  
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