DUPC2 Webinar – Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, June 8th 2023

An initiative of the IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme (DUPC), and TheWaterChannel.

This webinar aims to address the central question of: How can we use wastewater treatment and reuse to support crop production and address water scarcity? In particular: What are interesting examples (of projects, case studies, activities) showcasing the added values of waste water treatment and reuse? What have we (projects and partners) learned through designing and implementing wastewater treatment and reuse practices in different contexts? What are next steps towards wastewater treatment and reuse at scale? What is the role of partnerships in developing, using and promoting wastewater treatment and reuse?

Presentation files:

Drivers, Opportunities, and Constraints of Reuse the Treated Wastewater in Irrigated Agriculture by Dr Hadeel Hosney

Non-Conventional water treatment and reuse by Dr. Luna Al-Hadidi

Wastewater treatment and reuse: The potential, and pathway to reach scale by Dr. Peter van der Steen

For more information about the DUPC program: https://www.un-ihe.org/what-we-do/water-and-development-partnership-programme

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June 21, 2023  
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