Ecosan for Sulitsa

A typical small mountainous village in Stara Zagora Municipality in central Southern Bulgaria. Sultisa has 260 inhabitants spread over 180 households, comprising mostly aged retirees. The Houses are connected to a local centralized water supply system.
During the 2,5 year project, Developing a Model for Sustainable Water and Waste Management in Rural Areas in Bulgaria, three complete EcoSan systems were built in this village to demonstrate effective, low cost alternatives to the conventional systems. The documentary shows the construction of the demonstration EcoSan systems and the inauguration event. The documentary illustrates that modern low cost approaches can provide an immediate solution to the health and environnemental problems related to sanitation in rural areas of Eastern Europe.

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Produced by: WECF
Year: 2008
Language: Bulgarian

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May 15, 2020  
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