Ecosanitation system in Bangalore, India

Sustainable sanitation is the holy grail that is being chased in both developed and developing world. Ecosan, ecological sanitation, is a system where usually source separation of urine and faeces is done. These are then hygienically treated and reused for their nutrient value Ecosan toilet in an urban area and that too on a first floor.The source separating pan ensures that urine and faeces is collected separately. The system has been designed for the Indian condition, squatters (not sitters) and washers (not wipers). A rainwater collection system collects rain from the roof into a barrel. The water for ablution purpose comes entirely from rain. A Tippy Tap dispenses water in small doses for cleansing. The urine itself is used as a fertilizer for plants and the faeces composted for application to soil. The Ecosan system is a water conserving,resource generating and pollution preventing system, good for urban areas and rural places especially. The challenge in urban areas is to find the space to utilize the nutrients. A roof garden is the perfect answer.

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May 15, 2020  
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