Ethiopia- Equitable Allocation among users in River basins

Water Integrity is the idea that underpins efforts to improve governance and reduce the scope for corruption in the water sector. It is made of 3 main components: Transparency, Accountability, Particpation, and Anti-Corruption Measures.

When it comes to industrial water use, Accountability on part of the industry is a lot about responsible water use. Part of it making sure that the industry does not leave the water resources it uses, polluted.

This video shows how the importance of various water users– big agri-businesses as well as small farmers– to economy of the Awash basin, and the challenges to ensuring that all of them get their fair share of water.

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Produced by: MetaMeta and Water Integrity Network
Year: 2017
Language: English
Region: Global

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Water integrity  
June 30, 2020  
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