Water integrity

Integrity is crucial for fulfilling the Human Right to Water and the Sustainable Development Goals. Far too often, a lack of integrity and corruption persist in the water sector. Water challenges, such as water insecurity and scarcity of freshwater, continue to exist as a result of poor governance of water, corruption and a lack of integrity.

Corruption in the water sector takes on different forms and can be found throughout the entire project cycle. Forms of corruption in the sector can range from extortion, fraud, embezzlement to acts of political manipulation and misinformation. Integrity risks can affect policy-making but also budgeting, procurement, construction as well as operation and maintenance of water projects and infrastructure.

Focusing on water integrity provides a strong counterforce to corruption in the water sector worldwide. Integrity risks can be tackled by building integrity walls which have four key pillars: Transparency, Accountability, Participation and Anti-corruption (TAPA). Focusing on TAPA is the responsibility of all stakeholders in the water sector, which includes civil society organisations, government, the private sector and the media.

This dossier contains videos, blog, examples to learn more about Water Integrity. You can also find more information about the topic on the website of the Water Integrity Network: www.waterintegritynetwork.net / www.waterintegritynetwork.net/wigo 


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