‘Gharats’: Vanishing Water Mills

‘Gharats’ or water flour mills run on a stream’s kinetic energy to turn the shaft of the grinding mill.The water is diverted from the stream or river along a channel or canal to the water wheel. The force of the water’s movement drives the blades of a wheel or turbine, which in turn rotates an axle that drives the mill.

The Gharat abounds in remote villages in the Indian Himalayan region. Communities that currently use them are concerned that the clean, low-cost technology might vanish altogether as it hasn’t managed to capture the attention of policymakers.

The video has been produced by Luxmi Nautiyal, who is part of India Unheard‘s network of community video producers.

More info: indiaunheard.videovolunteers.org
Produced by: India Unheard
Year: 2010
Language: Hindi/ English subtitles

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May 15, 2020  
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