Introduction to TAHMO

Crop productivity and food security in Africa pivots on the weather. Malaria and other chronic diseases are also tightly linked to patterns of rainfall, evaporation, and temperature. But, African hydro-meteorological data is virtually non-existent. Further, there is nearly no basis for the determination of how the African climate is changing.

We must address this now, for each day we lose is information that we will never again be able to collect. We propose to address this problem by installing 20,000 on-the-ground sensing stations across the African continent, designed to provide rainfall, temperature, and other critical data with robust redundant sensors and real-time cell-phone enabled data access. TAHMO makes high-quality data freely available to governments, scientists and farmers in real time. This project will make it possible for Africa to leapfrog to one of the best-monitored continents in the world.

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June 30, 2020  
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