Motorcycle Taxis and Rural Transport

There has been a massive growth in the number of motorcycles and motorcycle taxis in Africa, over the past decade or so. This is often referred to as a revolution of sorts, as this has happened in response to unfulfilled demand for transport by rural populations. Until the road network and public transport are able to reach all villages, motorcycles and motorcycle taxis will prove crucial to providing access to millions of rural Africans in the coming several decades. Researchers and policymakers need to recognise this, and try and understand better the dynamics of the sector.

In this video, Grace Muhia (International Forum for Rural Transport and Development), Paul Starkey (Durham University), and Krijn Peters (Swansea University) share insights from their research on the topic.

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Produced by: MetaMeta Communications
Year: 2017
Language: English
Region: Africa

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July 1, 2020  
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