One very dry demo by Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw demos Ultra-Ever Dry, a liquid-repellent coating that acts as an astonishingly powerful shield against water and water-based materials. At the nano level, the spray covers a surface with an umbrella of air so that water bounces right off. Watch for an exciting two-minute kicker.

Mark Shaw, the protagonist of this talk, develops technologies to contain hazardous waste, storm water and radioactives. And together with his companies are also pioneers in the spill containment, stormwater management and spill response industries and are now bringing over 500 practical and innovative products and technologies to industry on a global basis through its 1,500 distributors covering 40 countries.

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Produced by: TED
Year: 2013
Language: English

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Mark Shaw nano radioactives repellent shield TEDTalks Water dry english  
May 15, 2020  
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