Rainwater harvesting and recharging an open well- Bangalore

Mr R.Balasubramaniyan stays in the layout suburbs of Bangalore called Vidyaranyapura. When he built his house in 1995, he dug a well for the construction water. The well was dug by a gentleman called Arumugham , who identified the well point (appropriately in the North East corner as per ‘Vastu’ ) and dug the well in 3 days to a depth of about 40 feet. The well served him for a long time till 2001 when during a drought year it went dry. Many of his neighbours who also had wells simply filled it up , not Mr Bala.
I write a weekly column called Waterwise for The Hindu. Mr Bala read one on open well recharge and came over to my home to see how the filter is made. With a little help and after spending around Rs 5000 /- he ensured that all his rooftop rainwater was collected, filtered and led into the open well. This recharge measure has brought back water to his open well and now he uses it exclusively without recourse to the city water network. Now he wants the well water tested for water quality . He swears by rainwater harvesting and says everybody must do that as it really works. Bala sir, Bangalore has made it compulsory now and we will work towards ensuring that it is implemented in letter and spirit.
Since Bangalore is faced with water shortages and is likely to face more in the coming days, citizens such as Mr Bala show the way out through simple solutions.

More info: www.rainwaterclub.org
Produced by: Zenrainman
Language: English
Year: 2009
Region: Bangalore, India, South Asia

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