Sailing in the Wilderness: Lake Tanganyika

‘Tanganyika’ in Swahili means ‘sailing in the wilderness.’ Lake Tanganyika is one of the oldest, deepest lakes in Africa. It holds 17% of the world’s freshwater, as much as all the 5 great lakes in North America. It is a bio-diversity hostpot, home to some very unique species of marine plants and animals.

And yet, the Lake Tanganyika basin has been a theatre of human suffering for a long time. Over the years, the region has been through armed conflicts, genocides and has one of the lowest socio-economic indicators in the world.

Physician and public health specialist Amy Lehman has been working in the region for several years now. In this presentation, she gives an overview of the various stakeholders and communities there, and of an initiative of her own- a hospital on a boat.

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Amy Lehman TEDxAmsterdamWomen TEDxWomen  
May 15, 2020  
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