Sharing borewells and groundwater

Community sharing of bore wells and groundwater can bring great benefits to farmers. Those who do not have bore wells get facility or protective irrigation. Those who have bore wells but only on one patch of land and not on other patches that they own, can get all land under protective irrigation. by linking 15 or 20 or more bore wells, even if one fails or is temporary out of order, the other bore wells pitch in and help bring water security for farming. Farmers then are able to collectively market produce and share seeds. With a better understanding of recharge and aquifers based on scientific data farmers then make decisions on what crops to grow based on crop water demand for various different crops. Such communitisation of bore wells, helps small and marginal farmers the most and is much needed for India. WASSAN is leading this charge in Andrha Pradesh.

More info: Rainwater Club
Produced by: Zenrainman
Language: English
Year: 2014
Region: Andrha Pradesh, India, South Asia

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June 25, 2020  
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