Six :30 TV and Web Spots for Delta Tunnels

There is a small but powerful group in California intent on building massive twin tunnels to move the Sacramento River to enhance their profits. Proponents say it will provide a “reliable water supply” but it’s a fantasy pipe-dream cooked up by big, industrial agriculture, land development companies, and energy companies to get what they want at the expense of Southern California taxpayers. If it’s allowed to be built, they all get richer, Southland ratepayers get fleeced and get very little or no water, and the fragile Sacramento-Delta estuary including San Francisco Bay could be destroyed. The Southern California Water Alliance (SCWA) and a growing number of groups including water agencies are on record saying this is not a good idea. The Delta Tunnels project promoters propaganda machine continues to spew misinformation about the project in order to get what they want. The voters in California soundly rejected their call for a peripheral canal in 1981 so they have come back with a plan that does not need voter approval. SCWA invites you to see the scientific and economic reports, news stories, and community opposition that tunnels supporters would rather you not see. Visit, and learn why we say it’s a fantasy cure-all pipedream that will cost taxpayers billions and benefit only a handful of speculators and industrial agri-businesses (on the West side of the San Joaquin Valley). Downloading, sharing, and embedding is encouraged!

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Language: English
Year: 2013

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May 15, 2020  
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