Webinar #18: Water Harvesting and Soil Biology

Ruben Borge, Rockin Soils

February 19, 2015 

Soil fertility is a function of the wide range of micro-organisms living in the soil, such as earthworms, nematodes, protozoa, fungi, bacteria and arthropods. They decompose organic matter and solubilize minerals from rocks. That influences plant growth, soil structure, the nitrogen cycle and carbon storage. Soil biology is the study of this ecosystem and the ecological functions that it performs. 

Soil moisture supports this microbial activity within the soil, which means that water harvesting and moisture management greatly affect soil fertility. 

In this webinar, Ruben Borge discusses the basic principles and emerging concepts of soil biology relevant to agriculture. He will also detail the relationship between water harvesting, drinking water treatment, and their potential effects on soil life. 

About the Speaker:
Ruben Borge has an MSc in International Land and Water management (Wageningen University) and BSc in Agricultural engineering (León University). He is the founder of Rockin Soils (www.rockinsoils.com), an organisation that researches and shares technologies to support healthy local food production systems and regenerate the natural fertility soils. Rockin Soils focuses on techniques are affordable to any farm in any country.

  • Rockin Soils trains farmers and farmer groups worldwide to produce agricultural inputs such as rock dust enriched compost, liquid bio-fertilizers and mineral additives.
  • It supports farming families to record and share their experiences within their communities.
  • It develops tools that aid first steps towards oil-free farming systems 

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February 12, 2015  
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