Strengthening Water Integrity: Momentum after the East Africa Water Integrity Forum

At the East African Water Integrity Forum, May 9 to 11 2017, more than 140 non-profit actors, politicians, civil society organizations, UN agencies and research institutions shared their experiences and discussed the required actions needed to further strengthen and promote integrity in the water sector.

The three day conference was co-convened by the Water Integrity Network (WIN), the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE) in collaboration with partners including GWP, IRC, IWMI, the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI, OECD, GIZ, MetaMeta, and KEWASNET.

The forum explored integrity perspectives, challenges and solutions in five main areas, including:
– Water security and integrity in river basins,
– Investing in water infrastructure of economic growth and sustainable development,
– Ensuring transparency in urban integrated water and wastewater management and services,
– Integrity management in rural and peri-urban community-based water and sanitation,
– Building resilience to climate-related events and disasters.

This follow-up webinar (July 11, 2017) focusses onthe follow up needed for continuing the momentum for scaling up integrity in the areas of:
– Monitoring
– Capacity Building
– Country Action Plans

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