Trees for Urban Livelihood- Seeds of the mother tree – Hongey as Biofuel

The urban poor seek many ways of earning money. One such is collecting seeds from the Pongaemia tree. The seeds fall from the tree during the months of March, April and May. The tree is incredibly fecund and upto 300 kgs of seeds may fall from a single grown tree. The seeds sell for Rs 12 a kg and even Rs 18 a kg if collected by the quintal. People like Mariamma who works as a domestic help, pick up 4 to 5 kgs a day and supplement their income by Rs 50 to Rs 60 a day. Planting the Pongaemia on the roadside makes eminent sense as the tree is a native, establishes itself well and requires very less water. The leaves are extremely good as manure and add nitrogen to the soil and the shade is luxurious.

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Hongey livelihood pongaemia trees urban  
May 15, 2020  
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