Water and development

Did you know that 3,5 Million people die every year due to the lack of clean drinking water?!
On January the 1st 2013, the United Nations introduced the International Year of Water Cooperation. The access to clean water is a Human Right. Cutting the number of people without access to safe fresh water is one of the Millennium Development Goals.

This high appreciation in international agreements has a reasons. Water is crucial for the development in many different sectors:
For example, the agriculture sector, the health sector and sometimes even the security sector.
How exactly do these relationships work and what are the main problems in the water sector?

Edeos, a small Berlin-based agency, specialized in producing and distributing web-based knowledge content. In this film they want to aware of the water uses. Nowadays it is important to get informed about politics in a globalized world complex and sometimes confusing.

More info: www.edeos.org/en
Produced by: Jan K√ºnzl and Jörn Barkemeyer
Year: 2013
Language: English

Region: Global


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