Water Cycle Experiment

Water constantly cycles around between bodies of water, the sky, and the earth. The cycle is powered by the sun. The most important factor in the way the water cycle works is the soil, particularly the soil surface — where the earth meets the air.

Particularly in seasonally arid or brittle environments — which cover two-thirds of the earth’s land area — soil cover is essential to the biodiversity (including biomass) and complexity that is needed for the soil to gain and store water, which is a basic necessity for all life.

Soil cover, root mass, organic matter, and aeration — these are synonyms for an effective water cycle, where water is absorbed and retained as much as possible in the ground, and the surplus goes through plants (transpiration) and down into the water table.

This video shows ow does the water cycle function on the land, what causes floods and droughts and analyze the real reasons behind floods and droughts with a simple demonstration using plastic jugs.

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Produced by: Biosphere Media
Year: 2008
Language: English

Region: Global

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May 15, 2020  
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