Water Resources and the threat of the Medicines

El Medi Ambient is a daily program run by Xavier Duran on the information services of TV3, one of the channels of the Televisió de Catalunya. Born in September 1983, TV3 has become the reference for the majority of Catalan people.

Broadcasting continuously during 20 years, El Medi Ambient aims to provide an informative but rigurous overview of the environmental issues to the broad audience but also shows economics and ecology as connected spaces.

For El medi Ambient, almost all issues can have an environmental reading, thats why they introduce programs not only about natural areas, biodiversity and remains but also innovation, economy, welfare and health, always trying to reflect various opinions.
In this video, El Medi AMbient introduces the effects on the ecosystem caused by remainders of some medicines found in the water. The threat for the flora and fauna is reason enough to take measures and raise awareness worldwide about the importance of the problem.

More info: El Medi Ambient

Produced by: TV3

Language: Catalan, English subtitles

Year: 2013

Region: Europe

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May 15, 2020  
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