Webinar #12: Tree-based sustainable farming in rainfed areas


June 18, 2014


Dr. G.N.S. Reddy

Description:In India, agriculture is a major contributor to the national GDP and employed by a large part of the population to ensure their livelihoods. Unfortunately, income and productivity are often low for a lot of farmers, causing debts and desperation. Why are monocultures failing small and medium farmers? Dr. Reddy proposes a system for tree-based sustainable farming: “An integrated, low external input sustainable farming model comprising of multiple production systems, including agroforestry, livestock, poultry and horticulture, for small landowners in rainfed areas”. Tree based farming systems play a critical role in moderating the micro climate. The trees can provide insurance against crop failure, biomass and more. In addition a variety of horticulture and grains are grown, with some livestock, that has multiple benefits over monoculture irrigation and high-input agriculture. This mixed farming ensures the resilience and sustainable productivity of the system. For instance, rainwater harvesting in combination with water and soil conservation can play an important role in mixed farming.
About the speaker:Dr. G.N.S. Reddy is a Veterinarian by profession, but also a well known expert long associated with sustainable farming, rainwater harvesting, soil conservation and is currently involved in dairy building using organic milk production. He has spent the last 30 years in villages taking the Ghandian development message into thousands of villages. He has worked as Vice-President of the BAIF, a Ghandian Foundation in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, implementing various rural development projects. He serves on various boards and committees of Government of Karnataka such as Karnataka Agri mission, biofuel board, etc.
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