Managing Desert Locusts

Image Courtesy: FAO Locust

Locust outbreaks in 2019-20 in East Africa and West Asia have been the worst in decades. They have already wiped out massive amounts of crops, vast swathes of pasture. The sheer size of swarms and the sheer amount of food they devour within a matter of hours is triggering hunger crises—from Kenya and Ethiopia to Pakistan and India, and even Argentina most recently. In East Africa alone, 19 million are at risk of a much bigger crisis if the infestation continues unabated.

The 1st Virtual Practitioners Conference on Desert Locust Management 2020, hosted by TheWaterChannel and supported by a number of partner organisations, brought together professionals working at the frontline of the locust crisis across the world. They presented and discussed the nature of the problem as experienced at global and local levels, and the solutions most likely to contain the ongoing outbreaks and control future crises.

This dossier brings together insights from the conference.


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