Water in the newsroom

Water and sanitation issues take little portion of our media. Evidently, the media has chosen to focus, instead, on political and sports stories. Even though coverage of water and sanitation issues on the continent has increased over the last decade, vital and well investigated stories on several water and sanitation issues such as water financing and integrity remain inadequate in the media. Again, for some of the media houses on the continent that try to report on these issues prefer to bury them deep inside newspapers.

So, is it true that what manifests itself, as neglected coverage of water and sanitation issues on the continent is a silent rejection of journalists to style up when it comes to reporting on these issues? Are there some journalists who are defying media preferences, and are addressing the topics of water and sanitation? What challenges do such journalists face? Why should it be anyone’s business to bring water to the mainstream? What current stories need to be reported most urgently? Why are efforts to promote water and sanitation issues on the globe given little attention?

This theme page is built around a series of interviews that brings together journalists and water professionals. The series aims to create conversations about water in the mainstream media. The interviews were done on Google Hangouts. Would you like to join the conversation? Send us an email info@thewaterchannel.tv.

This is not a static repository. We urge you to participate: comment, voice your opinion, share your knowledge and post your videos. Please enrich this space and add to the discussion!


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