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Voices from the Floor: HR-1837 vs. Salmon

Created on 07 March 2012
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Voices from the Floor: HR-1837 vs. Salmon. They had their vote and it was never in doubt. The House of Representatives passed HR-1837, The San Joaquin Water Reliability Act. Will it get through the Senate? Would the President sign it?
The answer to both questions is likely to be, "no" but that's not the point. The component parts of the bill are certainly going to be introduced again and again as the proponents of the bill are intent on changing the way water is allocated. They are intent on getting their way, no matter the cost to anyone, or anything that might object.
This video has highlights from the full day of debate on the floor of the House. We've added a few comments of our own, too. You can decide if our observations are valid or not. Now it's on to the Senate. Keep fighting and stay involved. Salmon, and people, deserve better.

More info: www.salmonwaternow.org
Produced by: Salmon Water Now
Year: 2012
Language: English



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