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The Lucky Ladies of the Maha Oya

Created on 14 March 2012
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The Maha Oya is one of Sri Lana's major rivers and flows west into the sea about 40 km north of Colombo. Within the last decade, river sand mining has become a significant problem due to rapid growth in the construction industry. Coastal and bank erosion, as well as saltwater intrusion are major impacts, causing loss of ecosystems and their services. In an effort to conserve the river, an alternative livelihood program was offered to a community of artisan sand miners and their wives. The men chose fish farming, and the women -- to make ladies shoes. Little did anyone realize how successful these sand miner's wives would turn out to be.

More info: www.mangrovesforthefuture.org
Produced by: MFF (Mangroves for the Future)
Year: 2011
Language: English



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