Traditional Paddy to the Rescue

‘Traditional Paddy To The Rescue’ was made by Sri Lankan farmers in 2007 to document the re-introduction of traditional varieties of rice, which grow successfully in their heavily salinated soils. InsightShare trained staff from Practical Action’ Communications and Markets & Livelihoods teams from Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh in using Participatory Video as a tool for Monitoring & Evaluation. As a result, Stories of Change are currently being collected by communities using Participatory Video techniques in all 3 countries, and are being submitted to an internal contest hosted by the Markets and Livelihoods Programme. The videos made in Wanduruppa on the south coast of Sri Lanka are being edited by InsightShare’s Sri Lankan media partner Digital Dreams, based in Colombo. One of the films, made by handicraft producers, is already being used, and was taken by a local project manager to a meeting for stakeholders and donors in India.

More info:
Produced by: InsightShare
Year: 2007
Language: Sinhala, English subtitles

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May 15, 2020  
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