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Kill the Canal: Earthquake Fears and Reality

Created on 12 June 2012
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They say, we need to build a peripheral canal to save the Delta and protect California's drinking water from earthquake disaster! That is what the forces intent on building the canal are telling us. But it turns out, that their message of fear is based on assumptions that can't be supported. Salmon Water Now's third video in a continuing series about the peripheral canal looks at the earthquake threat and cuts through the misinformation being presented as facts.

The video features the comments of Dr. Robert Pyke, a geotechnical consulting engineer who has extensive knowledge of earthquakes and many years of experience with the Delta's plumbing system. Dr. Pyke addresses the main points in the canal proponents earthquake arguments. No one questions the fact that the Delta is subject to seismic forces. But building a peripheral canal is a very expensive and damaging option to address it. The good news is that are better, cheaper, and less destructive ways to harden and protect the Delta and California's water infrastructure.

This video provides a link to a detailed report that specifically spells out a better option. It's not too late to stop the canal. Good alternatives to insure a reliable water supply and distribution system are available. Now we just need to get the State and Federal governments to take a deep breath and look seriously at canal alternatives.

More info: http://salmonwaternow.org/
Produced by: Salmon Water Now
Language: English
Year: 2011



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