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Pastoralist frontiers in Balochistan, Pakistan

By Allah Bakhsh, project coordinator FBLN SPO. Introduction Balochistan is arid in term of surface water availability. There are places where small flows of perennial water are available in the dry rivers that are utilized by the nearby communities through their ancestral rights for irrigation and drinking purposes. The majority of the local population (about 70%) earn their incomes from livestock keeping and dry land farming of crops. There are two major climate zones in Balochistan (i) highlands that receive rains and snowfalls in the months of Nov-March in good year and (ii) lowlands which receive seasonal rains locally called monsoon starting mid-June to mid-August every year. Both the climate zones have different life style patterns and even livestock rearing patterns. Both areas host cross country and local nomads due to the weather conditions in two zones. The winters are harsh and terrible and rangelands then do not offer grazing opportunity to the livestock breeders who migrate to lowlands in… Continued

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