Golahalli – Integrated water and sanitation management in a village in Karnataka

Providing access to water and sanitation in semi-arid India is a challenge. Ensuring that it is sustainable is an even bigger one. An Argyam-Myrada project in a village called Golahalli next to Kamasamudra in Kolar  District sought to address the issue of sustainability in the water and sanitation sector. Can groundwater based systems be made sustainable? Can we have sanitation systems which are water independent and which recycle nutrients? Can the Village water and sanitation committee be trained to run the water supply scheme? Does rainwater harvesting make sense in a village context? Can the VWSC meter and charge for water? Will people pay so that the systems are able to handle routine repairs? these were some of the questions before the project.

More info: Rainwater Club
Produced by: Zenrainman
Language: English
Year: 2011
Region: Golahalli, Kolar District, India

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June 25, 2020  
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