Ijkdijk: DDSC-animatie

This involves both real time and historical data. Linking the data of several water boards makes it possible to compare the data of similar dikes in time.
IT technologies such as electronic sensors are increasingly being used for the management and monitoring of water barriers. This results in huge growth in the amount of (digital) data collected for this purpose. For that reason there is a growing need for an effective data management system to collect all this data and – even more importantly – to make it practically accessible. The Dike Data Service Centrum (DDSC) provides an integrated solution to store and effectively use the information for the management of water barriers.
This animation (in Dutch) explains how DDSC works.
The DDSC is being built for Stichting IJkdijk by the consortium of Nelen & Schuurmans and Fugro GeoServices B.V.
Stichting IJkdijk is formed by DeltaresNV NOMSTOWATNO, the Dutch business community and Sensor Universe (formerly the IDL foundation).

More info: ddsc.nl/en
Produced by: Recall Multimedia
Language: Dutch
Region: Netherlands, Europe

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June 26, 2020  
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