Stichting Floodcontrol Ijkdijk: Ijkdijk

Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk is the innovative dike monitoring organisation for inspection and testing based on sensor systems. This development programme results in nationally and internationally marketable dike monitoring systems (smart levees). The smart application of the monitoring philosophy leads to significant cost savings and deferred investments for water management authorities both in the Netherlands and abroad. Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk anticipates that all Dutch water management authorities will be operating this philosophy and will be monitoring their dikes with innovative systems in cases where it is worth doing so.
FloodControl IJkdijk works in partnership with knowledge institutes, the business community and water barrier managers. The business community supplies technology, know-how, funding and manpower. The management authorities (end-users such as the water boards, the Directorate General for Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the provincial authorities) are also closely involved in this process.

Stichting IJkdijk is formed by DeltaresNV NOMSTOWATNO, the Dutch business community and Sensor Universe (formerly the IDL foundation).

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June 26, 2020  
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