Killerbean is a documentary that tells the story of how eating meat in Europe is connected to deforestation, land theft, agrochemical intoxication and slavery in Brazil.

We show how the soybean, used as a cheap source of protein for feeding cattle and food stock is creating enormous social and enviromental impacts. The documentary tells the story of an indigenous leader that was tortured for trying to protect his village from destruction. It tells the story of a freed slave, exposed to poisons while spraying fields of soy with agrochemicals. From the green deserts of soy in Northern Brazil to the virgin rainforests of the Amazon now threatened by the soy industry, we take you on a journey following the dirty trail of gunwielding pistoleiros, corporate greed, poisonings and suffering leading right back to your dinner table.

A film by Emiliano Beer Techera, Emmanuel Castro Skött, Stina Lundkvist, Gonzalo Peña Rojas, Leo Stolpe Thörneman, Johanna Suhonen, Antonio “Carlinho”Costa Luz. This film was produced by he Swedish NGO Latinamerikagrupperna in cooperation with the film school Biskops-Arnö and the Rural workers movement in Brazil (MST.)


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Produced by: Latinamerikagrupperna
Year: 2012
Langauge: Portugese and English

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May 15, 2020  
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