Managing wastewater in a water sensitive city – full resource recovery .

A waste-water treatment plant, cleverly designed, can take the sewage from a city and convert it into resource. Sludge from this WWTP for instance, is a very good fertilizer for farmers around the city. The treated waste-water now goes to a wetland and further purifies it. This fills up a large 50 Hectare spread lake. The lake is full of fishes and between 100 of 200 kg of fish are harvested daily. Birds fill the wetlands and the lake and therefore it becomes a bio-diversity spot. The water in the lake recharges and raises the groundwater all around. Old open wells are full of water. This water is potable except for some basic treatment such as an sand filter and an chlorinator. Sewage has been converted to pure water using natures’ services and with resource recovery at all stages. A water sensitive city would allow all such play and integrate it into its overall water management plan. There is much that can be achieved if attention is paid, right institutions and incentives created and accountability demanded.

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Produced by: Zenrainman
Language: English
Year: 2013
Region: India, South Asia

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June 25, 2020  
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