Science, Politics, and Salmon

What does it take to get to the truth? How hard is it to come up with a scientifically sound explanation for the disastrous decline of Pacific salmon? The San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento Delta have been studied over and over again. The science seems pretty clear.

Salmon and other species that depend on a healthy mix of salt and fresh water have been seriously hurt by excessive water diversions. Put simply, not enough fresh water is flowing through The Delta and San Francisco Bay because it is being sent to big growers in the Central Valley. Inadequate fresh water flows because of natural drought are made worse by big agricultures never-ending demands for more and more water. Water for crops planted on unsuitable, problem soil.

Add politics to the mix and you have a clear path to the decline of salmon and plenty of other species. Politics and money tell the story. Watch this video to see just how big money, big agriculture, and political contributions have prostituted the work of government scientists. Its still going on. And, the salmon are not recovered, still.

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Year: 2011

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May 15, 2020  
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