Sport Salmon

500,000 thats the number of boat trips that recreational and sport fishermen take to catch Wild California King salmon in normal years. But it has been more than two years since anyone has been allowed to catch a salmon. More than two years since moms and dads could share the thrill of the catch with their children.

More than two years that the rich community and family experience of catching, cooking, and eating the best tasting salmon in the world has been anything other than a dim memory. Except for a 10-day mini sport season that was allowed in and near Eureka beginning at the end of August 2009. For those 10-days the thrill of the catch meant a booming business for lodging, restaurants, gas stations, tackle shops, and many other businesses associated with recreational fishing.

This video looks at the powerful connection of recreational salmon fishing on the economy and the visceral excitement of anglers able to finally fish. Most importantly though, is the need for sport fishermen to join the political battle to save salmon from extinction a very real possibility if the November 2010 California water bond ballot measure passes.

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Produced by: Salmon Water Now
Language: English
Year: 2011

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