Towards A Green Future

The Joint Forest Management Committees under the Rupnarayan Forest Development Agency at West Midnapore in the state of West Bengal have enabled the forest protection and preservation at the very grass root level with the co-operation of the local people and this approach has also been a boon in case of dealing with the regional problems like elephant depredation and extremist activities. It is due to this that the Rupnarayan Forest Development Agency like other Forest Development Agencies of the state has perhaps been the only structural group which has been able to function successfully in these terror stricken areas.

Marching ahead with notions of development, sustainability and prosperity, there has been a reason for every villager to smile. From saving the forests to the gaining of livelihood opportunities and long term assets, as the new dawn approaches, there is an emergence of light also in the lives of the people, while when it comes to dusk, the villagers celebrate and rejoice, welcoming the dawn of the day ahead.

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Produced by: Ministry of Enviornment & Forests, India/ Susanta Biswas
Year: 2012
Language: English and Bangla

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May 15, 2020  
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