Vermiculture: Turkey’s new booming agro-business

In Turkey, the first vermicompost(solid and liquid fertilizer) factory started in 2005. After this factory, many people started-up their own vermicompost factories. Most of them started their production line in basements, backyards, barns, terraces, etc. Finding the waste is not difficult, you don’t need high tech tools in the beginning, investment cost is small and enough information is available on the internet. Besides, vermicompost is easy to sell. You either you have to sell worms to other people or expand your production facility. This is actually one of the greatest benefits, which has helped spread this business nationwide over a very short period of time.

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Produced by: Sukru Esin, for TheWaterChannel
Year: 2019
Region: Turkey
Language: Turkish, with English subtitles

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July 2, 2020  
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