Water Drilled In Sahara Desert (1960)

A mute film fragment from 1960 of water drilling in Sidi Mahdi, M’Rara, Sidi Slimane, Sahara Desert.

Two aerial views flying over the Sahara Desert showing habitation and vegetation. Two MS. in Sidi Mahdi as officials walk to witness the first flow of water. LS. Water springing from ground. LS.Pan from onlookers to water. LS. Arabs riding along on camels in M’Rara. Two MS. Arabs watching the water springing from the ground in M’Rara. Various shots, Arab children playing in the water in Sidi Slimane.

More info: British Pathé
Produced by: British Pathé
Language: None / Mute
Year: 1960
Region: Sahara Desert, Africa

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June 24, 2020  
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