It is important that strategies for enablement take into account that people with disabilities and elderly often have a thin … Continued


There are many publications by academic journals, local and global NGO’s and newspapers addressing the problems and challenges of people … Continued


The Way Forward… People with disabilities have an increased chance of living in poverty. In addition, poor people are more … Continued


Too salty to handle

As oil-rich as the Arab region is, as poor is its fresh water supply. Luckily, the solution is right there … Continued

No Water, No Caliphate

The last couple of months the news has been overflowing with horrible and shocking images of Islamic State (IS) warriors … Continued

Wash and Hydrogeology

What can hydrogeologists contribute to safe water supply and poverty reduction?  This question is based on the key role that … Continued

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Sex for Water Many women in urban informal settlements in Kenya are often forced to barter sex for water. This … Continued

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Water diplomacy  Water management *is* conflict management. Regardless of the scale, ensuring that the needs of the people and ecosystems … Continued

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  Water’s Date of Death The 12.000 years old town Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley is threatened by a Hydroelectric … Continued