Urban Lakes

Be they manmade or natural, urban lakes are once again coming to the forefront of interest as integrated urban water … Continued

Blue Energy

Modern society consumes large amounts of energy, which is mostly supplied by fossil fuels. However, these fuels offer only a … Continued

Green Infrastructures

The quality of (green) infrastructures is important to be able to cope with growing urban challenges. An urban area is … Continued


Documents Introduction Primer: Soil Salinity ( Primer: Soil Salinity (FAO) Primer: River Salinity ( Reading List: Salinization  (Keele University, UK)   Salinity: The Science, The … Continued


Salt Solutions

All over the world a wide variety of clever solutions are implemented to overcome salinity problems. We are happy to … Continued


People, Technology and Alluvial Flood Plains of North Bihar from Eklavya Prasad


TheWaterChannel supports two types of videos: Uploaded to our server (recommended) of embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. To upload a … Continued


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